Tracey Emin: White Cube Bermondsy.

A fortnight of tears 2018

Tracey Emin: Insomnia Room instalation.


Fifty glycee prints, 198cm X 152.4cm Inhabit the south gallery all of them are of Emin. Fifty Selfies all taken in the same state of sleepless despairation in the stilled moments of relentless wakefull nights become day. And there is a harowed angst written on her face in each similarly composed  picture, a silent, mute prayer for sleep in the early hours as dawn threatens.

Come again, go again! This is the first reolve, entering The room. Walking, meself as a somnambulist through the huge brave prints, the Emin'eds of the "Insomnia instalation".

All there confronting and vivid and accusing and flitting. A beautifuly apt intruduction as it is to the sickly benedictiion of the parasomnial state, the liteny of sins on the soul, the enlightenment and distress, the grinding of teeth and all the comcomitant afflictions this condition engenders.

She is on me, she is seeping in and there then is a mutating linear progression in the qoutidian happenstance of cat, tit, bric a brac inclusions in the frame, her eyelids sewn open, watching in a penance for having lived, for being alive. 

It is the viewer who is observed by the ghost of a painful waking dream.

"Insomnia room installation"

"The Mother" 2017

"I watched tou disappear. Pink ghost" 2018 (L) " was too young to be carrying your Ashes" 2017-18 (M) "You were still there" 2018 (R)

"For one year I wrote to you every day" 2018

"Mum and Dad" 2017

"I lay here for you" (Sculpture) "Mum and Dad" (Painting) 2018

(Sculpture) "When I sleep" (Paintings) "In the Dead Dark of night I wanted you" (L) "Another Hell" (R)